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Who are QualCity’s Clients ?

Clients are guided according to their organisation’s structure and space.

QualCity offers decision makers guidance in defining their spatial strategy. The service provided will be based on two criteria :

  • The type of governancesystemic, taking in a number of complex relationships or selfcentered, centred around individual elements in hierarchical relationships
  • The type of dominant spaciality – reticular (network based), dealing with the principles of association, links and interconnectedness on the one hand, or territorial (territory based), dealing with the rules governing the space on the other.

We are able to help any type of social and economic stakeholder.

QualCity’s customers are large corporations, medium-sized and small businesses, public and private institutions or individuals.

Large Corporations : need to be in control of complex and global network systems.

Large corporations are made up of a complex and interconnected set of independent units, with different types of space, located in diverse contexts. QualCity’s services to corporations rest on a sophisticated mapping of all the elements. Using this as a basis, we can help you build a scalable corporate strategy on aspects ranging from property development to globalization issues, from HR management to geographic risk assessment.

Small and medium-sized businesses : need to interact within a local area.

QualCity’s strength is a universal scientific application that can take all stakeholders into account. Looking at economic development through its spatial dimension affords small and medium-sized businesses access to top level strategic guidance.

Institutions : need to carry out their governance remit over a geographical region.

Institutions, particularly public institutions, have public recognition, yet must constantly strive to reinforce that recognition. Their role as regional managers and developers puts them in the front line of social regulation. QualCity offers institutions a completely honest area analysis on which to base a coordinated and coherent community strategy.

Individuals : need to make the most of their space.

QualCity can help you make life choices. Our GeoCoaching helps you tell your story by guiding you in your choices, looking the spaces you occupy: your urban connections, your residential itinerary, career moves at home and abroad, property etc.

QualCity will bring in stakeholder intelligence to build a real strategy adapted to your individual needs.



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Ouverture publique du site

Ce site est le rapport numérique de la mission de prospective participative dans les quartiers sensibles effectuée en 2010 par QualCity pour le compte du Secrétariat Général du Commité Interministériel des Villes.