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QualCity’s services : get a new perspective on your business

QualCity was founded when business leaders in Competitive Intelligence, Spatial Intelligence and Commercial Urban Planning got together with researchers at the cutting edge of disciplines studying Societal Space.They developed a new school of thought, bridging the limits of their independent worlds. The result is a innovative governance consultancy based on the spatial perspective of business activity, customers, information and business decisions.

QualCity’s broad spectrum expertise.

QualCity is different because we are completely independent of our customers’ business sectors. For each project we partner with a specialist in the client’s business sector to give us depth and insight into its issues and so provide the most relevant spatial assessment.

QualCity have experience in a number of business sectors, including :

  • Urban planning – How do we design cities today?
  • Globalisation strategy – What are my company’s growth spaces?
  • Optimising locations – Where should I be?
  • Marketing – Who are my neighbours?
  • Political consultancy – What spaces does my electorate inhabit?
  • Human Resources – How does space hinder or help skills development?
  • Mobility management – How do I find my way in a constantly moving world?
  • Geographic communication – How do we talk about space in the context of a project?
  • Economic environment guidance – What is happening out there?
  • Training in Spatial Intelligence – What can it teach us about the world?

QualCity’s strength is to approach each context using the universal perspective of space.

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Ouverture publique du site

Ce site est le rapport numérique de la mission de prospective participative dans les quartiers sensibles effectuée en 2010 par QualCity pour le compte du Secrétariat Général du Commité Interministériel des Villes.