Siam Square, Bangkok, Thailand Island of Ios, Cyclades, Greece.
 Geneva, Switzerland Nevertire, New South Wales, Australia. Mitchell Highway. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Mereenie Loop, King's Canyon, Northern Territory, Australia

The Quatalogue : spaces in stock.

The photos featured on this website are pictures of places. QualCity’s expertise rests on our sensitivity to the feel of a place combined with scientific method to analyse its spatial organisation. These photos represent QualCity’s knowledge wealth – understanding spaces.

Using QualCity’s geographical expertise we have condensed this knowledge to develop a range of products offering an unprecedented level of rigorously scientific spatial analysis. We profile urban spaces with a view to taking ownership of modern society’s urban nature. Towns and cities have become the “natural human habitat”, so aptly described by the geographer Jacques Lévy.

The "Quatalogue" of urban spaces.

For urban planners, policy makers, individuals and urban stakeholders in general, including businesses. The catalogue is a series of “product descriptions” describing the spaces we occupy in our daily lives. The catalogue is constantly updated with carefully selected places providing models for urban references or urban profiling.

QualCity’s Urban quality indicator.

As well as measuring urban spaces qualitatively our catalogue will measure performance on our selected place models to show how they would contribute to urban development. By measuring the quality of places in a city, QualCity is able to diagnose systemic and global dysfunctions that a thematic approach would struggle to integrate into a streamlined framework, helping you build a clearly defined, efficient strategy. The quality indicator is a blueprint for assessing urban projects in accordance with urban planning goals and bringing planning documents to life in a dynamic, living city.

QualCity Label and prize.

Qualcity rewards urban excellence. Our Quality Label and prize recognise categories of urban sustainable development contributing to viable social, economic and environmental development. A positive distinction to set you apart among regions and businesses.

QualCity = Quality + City

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Ouverture publique du site

Ce site est le rapport numérique de la mission de prospective participative dans les quartiers sensibles effectuée en 2010 par QualCity pour le compte du Secrétariat Général du Commité Interministériel des Villes.